Change the boring white background of the folders into attractive background like any photo. It looks kool just like this. Isnt it look so kool ?

To do this thing there’s a small trick to do in your computer and its so easy, then lets start.

Copy the following to your text editor and save it as desktop.ini in the folder whose background you want to change.

iconarea_image=”complete picture location”
iconarea_text=0x00000000 <——- File text color can be set to any value

just now its black.
0x00ffffff for white.

Run the following command in the command prompt
attrib +s “path of the folder”
e.g. attrib +s “E:\old download” will change the background of the folder “old download”
It would be good to keep the file desktop.ini hidden.
So right click on it > go to properties and change its atribute to hidden. Thats it.

Just try it and show the kool looks of your computer to your friends. Isnt it Amazing trick?