Did you ever want to know the location of the person whom you are chatting/talking to (on Yahoo!, MSN, ICQ messenger) or with whom you are transacting with on Internet.
Did you ever want to know the Country, City, Latitude, Longitude, Browser any person is using, Operating System he is working on. You can know it all here !!
This is a system to trace the location (country, city, etc. ) and also browser and OS of anyone on internet.

All you need to do is to invite that person (whom you want to trace) to a page and all his details will automatically get mailed to you at your Email Address that you provide here.
After you provide your email id here, a unique link will be mailed to you at which you’ll have to invite your target. As soon as the person clicks that link, his location details will be mailed to you.

Try this here

Wanna know your own IP? , just open http://www.showmyip.com