How to access the protected and so called phished out sites in a college subnetwork or office subnetwork….ALso access the GTALK and Yahoo and any messenger and chatting softwares….?

lets say that ur behind a firewall in a lan subnet in which ur college school or office provides u internet but with restricted sites…that is u cant open any other site except those allowed….in my college we use a software to access sites out of restriction by a software named ultrasurf…its completely automatic and actually works….our college tried to stop us very vehemently but failed to restrict this software as its coding is just like vry hard to decrypt…anyways lets go!!!

Download a software from this site
(tested TROJAN FREE)
its called ultrasurf !!! 
see how it works… u just have to extract the exe file outta zip file….then run the exe file…it will automatically detect ur network and router or proxy server…theere are 3 bars which will be flooded with connectivity indicators….now ur free to access anything…..just change ur browsers ip to and port to 9666 and u can access anything….works for chat softwares gtalk and yahoo////

our college had restricted our download limit to 1 mb…but using this we had been downloading one whole movie everyday…..with full speed of 136kbp/s …since am in lan but can access internet as my college provides me so basicallyall i do gets recorded in college server logs…but using ultra doesn’t even leaves a piece of log behind u…..