Twitter and Orkut have attracted millions of people in the world into social networking. To each, its own. Now is the time to join them so that you can display your Twitter in orkut profile too. It was much awaited as Twitter is already configurable withFacebook, Myspace and other notable social media networks.

To have that you need to install an application named Twitkut. From the right pane , select installTwitkut . Now you can enter your twitter User name in the settings tab .

Scope of Improvement

The only disadvantage with Twitkut Orkut application is that it will not display the tweets automatically .Your Twitter time line will only be updated when you visit your Orkut profile or application page .
It would be better if this app adds a facility to display Twitter tweets along with normal Orkut updates which is usually accessible to all the the friends in the network.
Again, only recently there is been an issue with this app which isn’t accepting Twitter ids.
I hope they solve it as soon as possible and add some extra features because I have used this app and its pretty cool. Use it and post me with updates if you like the idea.