=> remove shutdown from start menu and also from all other possible options.
=> hide shutdown from start menu
=> disable shutdown all together
Disable or remove shutdown - The Ethical Hackinglearn to do it now!!! (it takes less than a minute to do so)
 Disclaimer: this is an article which just brings out the fact that removing the
shut down menu option from the start menu is possible. If you however get caught
by your manager or 
college system administrator, and get whipped in your ass, I
cannot be held responsible.
 This tool is a inbuilt tool present in windows XP, just like msgconfig. So you
got to execute this command using run.
 1 . Start ->run and type gpedit.msc The gpedit stands for group policy and you can do wonders using this. Also if
you a minute with your pal’s system and this pal tries to flirt your girl friend
– You can make a lot of changes to his system in the time he leaves you alone
with his system, to have him go bonkers.
2. User configuration -> administrative Templates -> start menu and taskbar ->
 3. This option opens up a pane on the right hand side. Identify the option named
– Remove SHUT DOWN on the start menu .
 4. Double click Remove SHUT DOWN on the start menu option 5. a small screen pops up and you may like to read about the explanation in the
EXPLAIN TAB before you 
change the settings.
 6. Just change the radio button TO ENABLED and say apply. 7. DONE.