Hello Friends,
Everybody wants a personal Rapidshare Premium account but not all can afford it. If you are one of those people who can’t afford it or don’t want to ask your parent to buy you one then there are only 2 ways of getting a Rapidshare premium account. First one is to hack a Rapidshare premium account of some other user. Hacking a Rapidshare premium account isn’t that difficult. But Rapidshare guys are very smart. They provide users with a feature of security lock due to which you will need access to the unlock code for that account to change the password of that Rapidshare account. Thus you can only use that hacked account till the owner of that account changes the password. This one seems to be a temporary solution. Second way is to earn some easy bucks online and buy your own Rapidshare account. The second way may seem difficult at first but to tell you the truth its very easy.
Rapidshare Premium
Today I will show how you can earn money online and that too without much difficulty. Just follow the steps given below:
1. Create a Paypal Premium Account( Don’t Worry its free) . When asked for credit card details simply say cancel. You do not need to fill it.
2. Then Go to the following link:
3. On joining this website, you will get 27 USD just for writing 7 simple surveys which will take not more than 30 minutes.
4. Now the only problem is that the minimum payout limit for this website is 75 USD. But you can earn 1.25 USD on referring this website to your friend.
5. So you just take the referral link from this website and paste it on your facebook status. Don’t forget to mention about it benefits so that your friends register through that link.
6. Suppose you have 500 friends on facebook and out of them only 10% register through your link then also you earn 62.5 USD which gets added to 27 USD that you had earned from surveys. Thus the total 89.5 USD crosses the Payout limit.
7. Now you can get that money into your Paypal Account use it not only to buy your own Rapidshare premium account but also for buying other stuff online.
8. That’s it. So Simple and I swear it works.
Update: Some people have a compliant that Awsurveys doesn’t pay them what they have earned and that it is a SPAM. I would like to tell you that I have already used this website earlier and I had received the payment every time. I am not saying that these guys are lying about their experience with Awsurveys but there are few reasons why they may not have received the payment. The only problem with this website is that it doesn’t communicate with the user if he is violating any terms and conditions instead of that it just cancels their payments. When you request some payout from this website, they have a policy to verify if the accounts that were referred by the user are not fraudulent and they remove the amount gained from these fraudulent accounts from the total amount in your account. Sometimes the reduced amount is less than the amount redeemed by the user and their harsh policy is to cancel the whole payment without even reimbursing the remaining amount. Now you might be thinking how to avoid this? One advice i would give you is to keep atleast 20-25 USD in excess when you are redeeming the amount. In this way you are making sure that even if there were 15 accounts which the website found to be fraudulent still the total wont get below the amount requested by you. Another condition is  of the maximum amount that one can redeem in a year. A user can redeem at max 550 USD in one year if you request for payout more than that then hey will just cancel that payment without reimbursing the money in your account. I already faced the latter one which indicates that I have atleast earned upto 550 USD.