Note: This tutorial is written for Photoshop CS on a Windows XP platform and assumes you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop. However, this technique will work on most versions of Photoshop or similar graphics package.
You are going create a hyperspace effect like this:
1. Begin by copying the image below, obtained from a stock photography site, into Photoshop:
2. Choose Filter > Blur > Radial Blur – set the Amount to 33, the Blur Method to Zoom and the Quality to Best:
3. Choose Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen. Hold down Ctrl and press F twice (this reapplies the Sharpen filter twice). your image will look like this:
4. Choose Image > Image Size; ensure Constrain Proportions is checked and set the width of the image to 600px. The height will adjust automatically.
5. Now we will change the colour of the stars. Choose Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and set the Hue to -100. The shifts the colours of the image so it will look like this:
6. Right-click the Background layer and choose Duplicate Layer and click Ok.
7. On the new layer choose Filter > Blur > Guassian Blur and set the radius to 3.0 pixels:
8. Set the blending mode of the new layer to Screen. You’re finished: