Shortcut to Change Case in Word

This trick shows you how to create a Right-click Menu to change case on the selected text. When you select a text and want to change the selection to either all upper case, lower case, or sentence case, all you need to do is a right-click and pick!
The change case format option is actually one of the font options; howerver, you would have to open the font format dialog and select this option everytime you want to change case. Why don’t we create a link on the Right-click menu.

Here’s how

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Select “Tools” on the top menu, then select “Customize“.
  3. Select the “Toolbars” tab.
  4. On the list under “Toolbars“, scroll down and check on “Shortcut Menus“. Once this option checked, you’ll see a small box called “Shortcut Menus” displayed.
  5. On the “Shortcut Menus“, click on the arrow next to “Text“. Scroll down and select to expand “Text“. We are going to place the new shortcut right under “Paste“.
  6. Back to the “Customize” window, move the window next to this expand menu to make it easy to drag and drop the menu icons. Select the “Commands” tab.
  7. Select “Format” under “Categories“, and select “Change Case” under “Commands
  8. Or you can select “All Caps” under “Commands“. The “All Caps” is a quick convert to lower and upper case, but it doesn’t have the ability to convert to sentense case.
  9. Hold the mouse when you click on the command above and drag it to the text menu that we expanded on step 5. Drop it right under “Paste“.
  10. Close the “Customize” window and go back to the document. Hight-light a text on the document and right-click, you’ll see the new option “Change Case” there.