These are general computer tips and tricks that are mostly operating system independent.They are useful on almost all window platforms windows xp,windows vista and windows 7.Below are some Pc tips and tricks.
1. Tips and Tricks To Increase Speed Of Computer (pc).
Problem:Computers seems to run faster when they have newly installed operating sustems but they keep on slowing with the passage of time.
• Use Defragmentation softwares to increase the speed.
• Remove unneccessary programs from startup.
• Remove unwanted installed softwares from computer.
• Use a good antivirus program to protect your computer from viruses,worms and malwares.
• Clean the registry of the computer using a good software.
(Note:Donot edit registry yourself if you are no expert)
2.How to Consume Less Laptop battery And Increase Performance.
• Close unwanted programs running in background becuase these applications usually drain out your battery.Browser tabs use to consume a lot of memory of computer.So always close unnecessary browser tabs.Stop the bluetooth or wifi of the system if they are not required.
3.How to Enhance Gaming Experience On your Computer
• Gaming Experience on pc or laptop can be increased by switching the theme of the window to classic view.It frees up a lot of memory of the computer.The steps explained above will also help you to increase your gaming experience.A Software called 3d analyser can give a real help to people having very old pc.